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FBAR, OVDP and Offshore Tax Matters

Offshore voluntary disclosure and tax compliance

This applies to all US taxpayers and green card holders living domestically and abroad or a foreign national residing in the U.S. with foreign income, foreign bank accounts, or financial assets.

Estate & Gift Tax

We stand by our service

Our firm is prepared to handle audits involving complex ownership, control, and valuation issues resulting from the use of partnerships (e.g., FLIPs), trusts, and offshore entities.

Tax Audits and Appeals

Representation in Tax Audits & Appeals

Our Law firm strives to resolve the matter at the audit level and prepares to proceed to the Appeals Office or to litigation if the audit is not resolved in a favorable manner to the client.

Property Tax Law Services

Real and Personal Property

Our firm has the experience you need in property tax disputes – whether it involves personal property tax or real property tax.

Tax Collection

Tax Collection, Liens and Levies

Our Law Group has handled numerous cases and successfully helped clients both avoid or remove existing tax liens, levies and wage garnishments (or Orders to Withhold).

Employment Taxes

Focus on your business

Employment tax or payroll tax issues can arise under both federal and state tax systems. This includes self-employment taxes.

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Joseph Wilson is a former member of the Executive Committee that oversees the entire Taxation Section of the State Bar of California.

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Tax Attorney Offices in Newport Beach and Yorba Linda

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Former IRS attorneys that specialize in federal and state tax audits, international compliance, FBAR, foreign property and offshore bank account disclosures, and criminal tax, including appeals, trials, and collection. Firm founder Joseph Wilson is a former federal tax prosecutor, IRS lawyer, and Franchise Tax Board attorney.

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    IRS Highlights Direct Deposit

    IRS Highlights Direct Deposit

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